give 意味
1. あげる、取ってわたす、与える
2. 提供する
3. 授ける
・ 発音: giv (米国) 、giv (英国)
・ 類義語:
「A(人)にB(物)を与える」は、主語+give+A(人)+B(物)、もしくは「主語+give+B(物)to A(人)という形をとる。presentはより形式的な表現で「プレゼントする」「贈呈する」という意味である。
give ~ a call [ring] ~に電話..
give ~ a lift ~を車に乗せる
give ~ a try ~をやってみる、~を試す..
give ~ off ~発する
give ~ up for dead ~を死んだも..
give a false alarm 人騒がせをす..
give a lecture on ~の講義をする
give a raw deal 不当な扱いをする
give advance notice of 予告..
give an impetus to 刺激を与える..
give away ~をただで与える、~を配る、明..
give back 返す
give birth to ~を産む、~を出産する..
give credit for ~を称賛する、~を..
give credit to ~を信用する、~を信..
give forth 発する
give ground 後退する、勢力を失う
give heed to ~を心に留める、~に気を..
give in 屈服する、降参する、降伏する、譲歩..
give in to ~に屈する、~に譲る
give much thought to ~につい..
give of 惜しみなく与える
give off ~を出す、~放つ、発する、出す、..
give one's best regards to someone ..
give one's blessing to ~を..
give one's consent to ~を承..
give one's regards to B B..
give oneself up to to the police ..
give or take だいたい、約、およそ、誤..
give out ~を配る、~を外に出す、~に関す..
give place to ~に場所を譲る
give rise to ~を引起す、~を起こす
give runaround たらい回しにする
give sanction to ~に認可を与える
give seriousness to ~を真面目..
give someone a caution for ..
give someone a fit 憤慨させる、..
give someone a hand 人を手伝う..
give someone credit (for) ..
give thought to ~を考える、~に思..
give top priority to ~を最優..
give up ~をやめる、~を諦める、~を譲る
give up on ~に見切りをつける、~を見捨..
give way 退却する、崩れる、壊れる、負ける..
give way (to) ~(に)屈する、~(に..
give way to ~に負ける、屈する、~に道..
Could you give me a discount ? ..
give a belch げっぷをする
give a benediction 祝福を与える..
give a boost 励ましになる、後押しする
give a bribe 賄賂を使う、賄賂を贈る
give a brief description ..
give a brief summary of a paper ..
give a call 電話をする、電話する
give a casual glance 何気なく..
give a closing address 閉会..
give a cold 風邪を移す
give a description 描写する、説..
give a flat refusal きっぱり断..
give a glance 一目見る、ちらりと見る
give a hand 手伝う、手を貸す、手を差し..
give a hand to ~を手伝う、~に手を..
give a kick 楽しむ、興奮する、熱中する..
give a lecture 講義をする、講演をす..
give a opening address 開会..
give a party パーティーを開く、パーテ..
give a person a red‐carpet reception ..
give a presentation プレゼンテ..
give a refund 払い戻す、返金する
give a relactant answer し..
give a ride 車で送る、車で送ってあげる
give a ride on one's shoulder ..
give a ring 電話をする、電話する
give a secret away 秘密をもらす
give a sermon 説教をする、法話を説く
give a similar example 類例..
give a smile 微笑する、笑顔を見せる
give a speech スピーチをする、演説を..
give an account 設明する、述べる
give an address 演説をする
give an alibi アリバイを話す、言い訳..
give an anesthetic 麻酔剤を投与..
give an assignment 宿題を出す
give an example 例を示す、例を挙げ..
give an impulse to trade ..
give and take 互いに譲り合う、互いに..
give comfort 慰める、癒してあげる
Give me a break ! もうやめてくれ..
give one's confidence to ..
give one's word 約束をする、誓約す..
give some advice アドバイスする、..
give someone a bad name 人..
give someone attitude 反抗的..
give someone the benefit of the doubt ..
give someone the cold shoulder ..
give someone the creeps 人..
give something a jerk 強く引..
give special rates 割引する
give support 応援する、支持する、後援..
give testimony 証言する
give thanks 謝意を示す、礼を述べる
give the green light ゴーサイ..
give the rope a jerk 綱をぐい..
give up one's faith 信念を捨て..
I give my word. 約束するよ
I'll give you a rain check. ..
give 例文
This is a bag to give to my sister.
You should give this CD to whoever wants it.
I can give it to you for free.
I am giving your offer serious thought.
I'd like to give them something in return for everything they've done.
Give me the green light.
He has decided to give the green light to the plan.
We'll give you up to $100 in credits on your electricity bill.
For some reason, she gave me this present.
The well-dressed stranger gave off an air of importance.
She is giving off good vibes.
It's a small stove, but it gives off a lot of heat.
Do you know that cars give off CO2.
Your best chance of rescue is by sending a distress signal that gives your exact location.
I was going to wash the shirt than give it back but my son already gave the shirt back.
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