not 意味
1. ~でない、~しない
as not to do ~しないように
as often as not しばしば、大抵、た..
be careful not to do doしな..
be not much of たいした~ではない
be not supposed to do ~して..
believe it or not 信じないかもし..
but not ~ ~でなく
can not A without B Aすると必..
can not but do ~せざるを得ない
guilty or not guilty 有罪か無..
had better not do doしない方が..
it is best not to ~しない方がい..
It is not that A but that B ..
It is not too much to say that ..
It was not until A that B ..
last but not least 最後に述べる..
more often than not どちらかと..
not ~ any longer もはや~ない
not ~ by any means 全く~ない
not ~ for the world 決して~な..
not ~ in the least 少しも~ない..
not a big deal 大したことじゃない
not A but B AではなくB、Aすれば必ず..
Not a day passes but ~しない..
not a few 少なくない、かなりの、相当数の..
not A just because B Bだとい..
not a little かなり、少なからず、相当..
not A or B AでもBでもない
not A without B BしないでAできな..
not always 必ず~とは限らない
not as A as B BほどAではない
not at all 決して~ない、少しも~でない..
not completely 完全に~というわけで..
not for everyone すべての人に向い..
not get along with 仲が悪い、な..
not just A ,but B as well ..
not know beans about ~につい..
not know beans to ~について何も..
not less A than B B以上にAだ
not less than 少なくとも
not make much difference ..
not more A than B BほどAではな..
not more than 多くても~、せいぜい~..
not my day ついてない
not necessarily 必ずしも~でない
Not only ~のみならず、~だけでなく
not only A but (also) B A..
not quite 完全に~というわけではない、必..
not quite as ~ as そこまで~では..
not really それほど~でない、あまり~で..
not so A that B BするほどAではな..
not so much A as B Aというより..
not so much as do doさえしない
not that そんなに~でない
not to mention ~は言うまでもなく、..
not to say ~とは言わないまでも
not to speak of ~は言うまでもなく..
not too あまり~でない
ought not to have done ~す..
so as not to do do しないように
Why not do doしてはどうでしょうか?、..
would rather not ~しない方がいい..
Absolutely not ! 絶対違う!、全然..
All is not gold that glitters. ..
Cast not pearls before swine. ..
Do not disturb. 邪魔をしないでくだ..
It does not work at all. ..
It’s not my favorite flavor. ..
It’s not my taste. 気に入らない
It’s not that ~というわけではない
It's not a big deal. 大したこ..
It's not my cup of tea. 私..
it's not over yet まだまだこれか..
not A any more than B Bで無..
Not a chance. あり得ない、ダメ、見込..
Not likely. そんなことないよ
Not now 後でね
Not really. そうでもない、いや..
not sleep a wink 一睡もしない
Not too long ago. そんな昔じゃな..
Not yet. まだ
One swallow does not make a summer. ..
plead not guilty 無罪を申し立てる..
pretend not to know しらばくれ..
pretend not to see 見ていないふ..
Rome was not built in a day. ..
This is not my day. 今日はツイ..
You better not do that. そ..
not 例文
This tea is not hot.
I am not richer than he.
He is not a student.
A: Thank you so much. B: Oh, no, not at all.
A: ありがとうございます。 B: いやいや全然大したことないよ。
A: Do you mind if I borrow your calculator? B: NO, not at all. Go ahead.
A: 電卓を借りてもいい? B: うん、いいよ。どうぞどうぞ。
I was told to keep my mouth shut and not rock the boat.
Though raccoon dogs look similar to raccoons, they are not related to them.
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I'm not leaving till you hear me out.
What happens to my stuff if I do not check out of the hotel room?
He is nice but not my kind of guy.
i'm just not cut out for singing.
He’s just not cut out for politics.
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