day 意味
1. 日、一日、日中、昼、昼間
・ 発音: dei (米国/英国)
・ 類義語:
a couple of days 2,3日程度
a few days 2~3日程度、2~3日前から
against a rainy day 万一に備え..
all day 一日中、終日、朝から晩まで
all day long 一日中
all the day 終日
as honest as the day is long ..
at the end of the day 結局の..
by the day 日給で、日決めで、一日ごとに..
call it a day 仕事などを切り上げる
day after day 毎日
day and night 昼も夜もずっと、絶えず..
day by day 毎日、日に日に、日々
day in and day out 毎日
day in day out 明けても暮れても、来..
each day 毎日
every other day 一日おきに
for a couple of days 2&#x..
for a few days 二三日の間、数日間、..
for a whole day 一日中
for five days 5日間
for the next couple of days ..
from day to day 日ごとに、その日そ..
have seen better days 昔は栄..
in a few days 近日中に、後日、2~3..
in a matter of days ほんの数日..
in broad day 真っ昼間に、白昼に
in one's earliest days 若い..
In the first days 最初の数日
in the last few days ここ数日..
in the old days 昔に、かつて
in those days その頃、その当時は
merry as the day is long ..
Not a day passes but ~しない..
not my day ついてない
on a particular day 特別な日に
on a rainy day 雨の日に、雨の降る日..
on Christmas day クリスマスの日に
on Easter day イースターの日に
on Thanksgiving day 感謝祭に
on that day その日
on the day その日
on the very day まさにその日に
on this day 今日、今日というこの日に
one of these days 近いうちに
some day いつか、そのうち
the day before yesterday ..
the days of the 1980s 199..
the next day その翌日
the other day 先日、この前、この間
the very next day まさに次の日に
these days 近頃、この頃
two days ago 2日前
within two business days ..
within two days of purchase ..
A day after the fair. 後の祭..
a red letter day 吉日、記念すべき..
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. ..
dull day 退屈な日、つまんない日
entire day 丸一日、全日
fateful day 運命の日
for a rainy day 万が一に備えて、い..
have seen better days 昔は栄..
have short day 日が短い
I'll take the day off tomorrow. ..
keep one's day 期日を守る、約束を守..
pass the time of day 挨拶する..
pay by the day 日割りで賃金を払う
provide against the rainy day ..
Rainy days never stays そん..
see the light of day 世に出る..
take a day off 1日休暇を取る、1日..
take a sick day 病欠をする
trying day つらい1日
work by the day 日雇いで働く
day 例文
What's the date today?
What’s today’s date?
What day of the month is it?
What day is it today?
What day of the week is it today?
what do you like to do on days like these ?
The first day of the week
It's a lovely day today.
It's a beautiful day today, isn't it?
His passion for music drives him to practice every day.
She regrets not saving money for a rainy day.
A warm cup of tea on a rainy day makes me happy.
The warm sunshine on a beautiful day brings happiness.
The USA celebrates Independence Day on July 4th.
People gathered in the park for a picnic on a sunny day.
The nation celebrated its independence day with fireworks.
Families gathered at the fair to enjoy a day of fun together.
They flew kites in the park on a windy day.
Don't forget to eat a balanced breakfast every day.
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